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Game On Ball Hockey - Timmins
  Game On Ball Hockey - Timmins  
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Referee Training & Scorekeeping
Contact Referee Jean - Marc Gallant 705 - 266 - 8821  JMGALLANT30@HOTMAIL.COM We are OBHA Certified Officials. »
Tournament Information
Tournament Dates Coming Soon   Youth and Adult         »
Player's Equipment List - Youth & Adult
Game On Ball Hockey will emphasize SAFETY and FAIR PLAY whenever possible.   Below you will find a list of Game On Ball Hockey mandatory and recommended player equipment »
Game On Ball Hockey
Game On Ball Hockey offers Non-Contact Recreational Ball Hockey Leagues for all Youth and Adults. Game On Ball Hockey will offer Two Season's of League Play to choose from Summer »
Youth League Information
In each of the Game On Ball Hockey Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall), Youth Divisions will be offered for players of all levels starting at the early age of 4. No Previous »
Adult League Information
In each of the Game On Ball Hockey Seasons ( Spring, Summer, Fall ), Adult Leagues will be offered for players of all skill levels beginning at the age of 19, with Men's A being the »
Browse Directory Famous Quotes
Tie Domi - Toronto
" I have 3000 penalty minutes, I don't like people dictating to me how to do my job " Tie Domi »
Bobby Clarke - Flyers 1976
" They always try and play with our minds. But that won't work with our club. We have 20 guys without brains" Bobby Clarke »
John Casey - Minnesota
" We appreciate all the fans that are here, but we really respect the five or six who stayed with us all year"  - John Casey »
Basil McRae - St Louis
" Fifty Percent of the game is mental and the other Fifty Percent is being mental. I've got that part down no problem " - Basil McRae »
Olaf Kolzig - Washington
" If we do win this thing, that Cup's going to be beside me at the altar. I hope that my wife doesn't get too mad." Olaf Kolzig »
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    SUMMER SEASON 2018 6:30 PM TO 10:30 PM  WHITNEY ARENA Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (Check your team schedule before coming to the rink for any »
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Register Now Online
Seasons   Divisions This Section is for All Individual Players Only - YOUTH & ADULT To Register your Adult Team please contact the ball hockey office at 363-0166 »
Adult Team Representatives
Adult Team Representatives ( Contact ) are very important link between the participating players and the facility management and officials at Game On Ball Hockey. We need your support Adult »
Quick RE-Registration
Seasons / Divisions Registration for All Individual Participants Only ( All Ages ) To Register your Adult Team please contact the ball hockey office at 363-0166 or visit the »

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Brenda Torresan
Northern Ontario District Manager
GAME ON Ball Hockey - Timmins

Game On Ball Hockey - Timmins

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